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Our Process

Our services focus primarily on listening

Listening to our clients to better understand what they have and what they want. Listening to the space – understanding what the property and space have and what the property space is lacking. Listening is the key to finding the opportunities that need to accompany any successful outdoor space – exposure, privacy, layout, access and connectivity, layout, and let’s not forget safety.

Listening tells us many things; what materials to use both structurally and aesthetically – were to have open railing versus parapet walls, whether to locate a rooftop structure to house a seating area and outdoor kitchen or whether to keep the entire space open and free – where built-in planters would like to go and accent pots and plantings are needed, what colors and textures and combinations to use to evoke the feelings wanting to be evoked, where the lighting should be used to highlight interesting areas, where screening and lattice are needed to block visual noise and undesirable views, what activities or themes will need to be accommodated, what types of plants will thrive in the space, and whether the existing conditions like the roofing and structure are ready for such work in the first place! Listening is the most important thing to any successful endeavor or collaboration.

Here's Our Process To Achieve a Designed Space And Well Installed Design:

  1. Initial Consultation and Assessment
  2. Design Bid Submittal and Design Process once Approved and Retainer Paid
  3. Preliminary Design Phase and Presentation
  4. Construction and Permit Set of Drawings Based on Final Approved Design
  5. Permit Phase and Revisions
  6. Revisions to Construction Set and Bidding to Reflect Above
  7. Approval, Deposit and Initiation
  8. Construction and Installation
  9. Detailing until Final
  10. Post Install Maintenance